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Plantestabilized.com is a French company dedicated to plant stabilized.

Plantestabilisée.com makes stabilized vegetal compositions (vegetal frame,vegetal wall , flower..) in France and also offers stabilized trees for the professionals.

With Plantestabilisée.com and its parternship with Planète urgente, you play a part in sustainable development. The best way to act towards our environment is to respect it. Together, we fight against deforestation and we offer plants that cannot die nor be replaced for 7/10 years.

What is a stabilized plan ?

A stabilized plant is a natural plant which went through an unique and enviromentally friendly preservation process: a mix made of vegetable glycerin in order for the plant to stay in its natural state for 7 to 10 years while keeping its freshness, its softness and its appearance.
Therefore, stabilized plants do not need any specific attention, watering, light or specific temperature.

Thanks to Plantestabilisée.com, everyone has green thumbs...

Stabilized vegetal Frame

The Plantestabilisée.com concept is to replicate and idealize nature in a miniature like a japanese garden connecting sybolism and zen spirit without maintenance and in a  green design frame for home through stabilized plants compositions.


Stabilized trees

Plantestabilisée.com sells all kinds of stabilized trees: conifers, palm trees, bonsai trees, eucalyptuses...

Therefore and thanks to Plantestabilisée.com, own complex and exotic trees at home that do not need to be taken care of for 7-10 years.

The benefits:

No watering

No special care such as size, fertilizer or replacement

No necessary light for the plant's well being

No special temperature to respect

No CO2 reject or other toxins

No parasites


However, those trees stay sensitive to excessive temperatures and moisture sensitive.

Thanks to Plantestabilisée.com, you will never kill a plant!


                                                                              pas d eaupas de solail pas d entretien

                                                                                      0 water                0 sunlight             0 maintenance

Plantestabilised.com have a  parternship with Planète Urgente and le fight against deforestation.

1 tree buy 1 tree plant in Madagascar with the partnership Mon Arbre Ma Tribu from Planète Urgente.

mon arbre ma tribuprésentation plantestabilisee.com